Mistaken Identity - MiD - MistakenID1986 - Paul Christian - Bass - Vocals
© Piehouse Six Photography

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Once a musician, always a musician! Paul is a seasoned veteran bass player who has “retired” from the rock stage three times over the course of his musical career. He was 15 years old when he first performed live in a rock club. As minors, he and his bandmates had to wait in the club’s kitchen between sets. In the nearly four decades since then, Paul has performed on everything from the stages of small dive joints to the Pabst Theatre stage in Milwaukee. Paul’s nickname in the band is Thunder God due to his rumbling bass lines and animated presence during live performances. He sings some lead vocals but primarily carries the bottom end on backup vocals.

Paul is married to Justine and is the proud father of Melanie and Adventure. By day, Paul is a banker. When he’s not playing music, he’s become pretty well known in certain circles as a wine and craft beer aficionado. He and Justine can often be spotted in wineries and craft breweries across the U.S.