Lead Vocals, Guitar

Michael Restivo is why Mistaken Identity still exists, for better or worse, because he kept the band going for twenty-something years writing and recording 3 albums of original music while the others ran off to play real-life.

Sharing the lead vocal duties with Missy, and Paul, along with guitars and some keyboards is what Mikey does now.

He enjoys Bud Light lime with ice and is often busted about it by the “craft beer” snobs in the group. To that Mikey says “ bite me, boys.”
Mikey has written well over 1000 songs with only a handful seeing the light of day maybe one-day finding perfection.

Mikey has headlined and opened big stages for years playing fests, and concert halls opening for B.T.O., Loverboy, and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s Chicago a half of dozen times.

Along with Mindy, they can be seen in pizza joints across the US because they have become known as pizza connoisseurs in certain circles.