Mistaken Identity - MiD - MistakenID1986 - Joe Frehe - Drums
© Piehouse Six Photography


It was September 29, 1981, when Joe saw Journey for the first time at the Rosemont Horizon. Steve Smith was playing a mammoth red drum set that you could feel pounding thru your chest. The drum solo, the crowd reaction…. amazing. That was the moment another drummer was born. Playing drums in a band was now the goal. It wasn’t a question of “if “ he would play in a band, but simply “when”. Without question, when this band came together, he would name it Mistaken Identity.

Joe continued playing drums through the early 90’s focusing on recordings and live shows with Mistaken Identity. He decided to put the sticks down and go back to school full-time in 1993. For the next 30+ years he would decide he missed playing, then buy a drumset, didn’t have enough time to play, so he sold the drumset, etc. It was a continuous cycle that didn’t lead anywhere. It wasn’t readily apparent at the time, but what was missing was a band of brothers (and sisters) to once again share the love of music with.

After not playing seriously for 10+ years, on October 29, 2016, a friend said: “don’t be an asshole and start playing drums again”. Six months later, he found a used drumset and started trying to remember everything he had forgotten. On January 28, 2017, he was once again reunited with his band of brother and sisters to continue the MID legacy.

Eat drums! Eat cymbals! – Animal (the muppets)